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Do you want to start a licensed residential care home business or non-medical home care agency?  Have you been feeling overwhelmed thinking about your state's licensing process and the paperwork to get licensed?  The personal care industry is a billion-dollar business that is waiting for your expertise. We create customized policy and procedure manuals to help get you licensed in the States of Georgia, Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

Every new provider must have a policy and procedure manual to get approved and licensed. Having the right policy manual is only one of the requirements to get licensed as a provider.  

What Is a Personal Care Home (Residential Care Home or Group Home)?
A residential care home is a home that provide services, support, oversight, and supervision 24-hours a day and 365 days a year.  People and states may call care homes many different names such as a group home, personal care home, assisted living facility, family care home, or adult foster care.  Care Enterprise, LLC helps license adult care homes for individuals usually between the ages of 18-100+ that are disabled, medically fragile and/or elderly.  The personal care home may include veterans, elderly, disabled, developmentally or intellectual disabled (DD/ID), memory loss, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and other diagnosis.

What Is a Private Home Care Provider (Non-Medical Home Care Agency)?
A private home care provider (also called in-home care or home care agency) is when you or others you hire go into a client's home, or environment to provide personal care and/or companion sitter services. If being a licensed personal care home, or home care agency provider is your heart's desire, schedule a training with us today.  You decide if your new company will get licensed providing acompanion sitterb) personal care, and/or cnursing services.  The nursing services policy manual include policies and procedures for companion sitter, personal care and nursing services.  Our non-medical home care agency policy manuals are customized to the State of Georgia's rules, regulations and licensing standards. 

How Do We Help You?
We create fully customized manuals to help get you licensed.  Our manuals are created based on each state's rules, regulations, standards, and codes. Our personal care home, group home, and private home care provider policy manuals are sent to clients via email in Microsoft Word.   

States We Provide Personal Care Home and Private Home Care Provider License Services:
We help clients get licensed in the personal home care, group home, and home care agency industry.

Tired of Feeling Anxious, Overwhelmed, and Want Help With Your Policy Manual? 

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